Ratneshwar Lal

Professor, Bioengineering; Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; UC San Diego

Professor Lal is an authority on biomedical applications of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nanoscale imaging of complex biological systems. Professor Lal is the co-Director of the Center for Excellence in Nanomedicine and Engineering (CNME), IEM, UCSD. He is an Associate Editor of the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine and served on the NIH Nano study section. Professor Lal serves on the advisory boards of several entrepreneurial companies, including RC Nano LLC and Be Green Packaging LLC. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He has presented many international keynote lectures and his work has featured in many popular magazines and news media, including Time, Smithsonian and UPI. Professor Lal was the UTS Invited Professor in Sydney for their BioNanotechnology initiative and a New Zealand Government International Science Scholar. In addition to seminal research publications in the field of nanomedicine, Dr Lal holds several patents based upon AFM cantilever arrays, microfluidics, optoelectronics and nanotubes for medical diagnostics and medical nanodevices, nanoscale fluid behavior and new TIRF, FRET and related optical microscopy. Research in his lab involves the development of nanotechnologies for and multi-scale biophysical and system biology studies of channels and receptors. His lab also designs nanosensors and devices for biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics. Current projects in his lab include i) structure-function study of hemichannels in heart, breast and liver, ii) structure-function study of amyloid ion channels in degenerative diseases, iii)) nanomechanical properties, cytoskeletal organization and sustenance of normal and abnormal cells, iv) designing multimodal "Smart AFM" integrating AFM, Optical Tweezers, electrical recording, and single molecule microscopy, and v) designing nanodevices and BioMEMs for array-based screening of therapeutics and their delivery and tissue engineering.