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Announcing the Center for Perinatal Health

November 2, 2013

The Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM) is excited to announce the establishment of the Center for Perinatal Health (CPH), co-directed by Drs. Todd Coleman and Mary Harbert. Coleman, a professor of bioengineering, and Harbert, a clinical professor of neuroscience and neonatal neurologist, teamed-up to form the CPH as a collaborative effort between physicians, engineers and scientists to produce innovative medical solutions for pregnant mothers and babies.

The CPH develops ultra-thin, flexible electronics capable of being worn on the skin like a temporary tattoo. These electronics unobtrusively measure a multitude of signals used for monitoring the patient. The immediate advantage is high-quality patient monitoring without the abrasive application of sensors or tangle of wires that come with them. When used for monitoring premature babies, this allows parents to hold their child during a period when skin-to-skin contact promotes a significant neuro-development advantage. Pregnant mothers will also benefit from constant monitoring of the mother's and baby's vitals by the device. Ultimately, smart algorithms will be developed to anticipate and detect early complications and alert physicians, leading to earlier interventions.

The unique combination of flexible, wireless sensors and intelligent data processing will enable researchers and physicians to deliver novel therapies earlier and improve the epidemiology of pre-term birth.

For more information about the Center for Perinatal Health and to get in contact with its directors, visit the CPH website.