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Anders Dale

Professor, Neurosciences, UC San Diego

Anders Dale, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience and Radiology, a co-director of the Multimodal Imaging Laboratory (MMIL), and Director of the UCSD Radiology Imaging Laboratory (RIL) MRI facility. Dr. Dale is a computational neuroscientist with extensive experience in multimodal neuroimaging methods development and applications. He played a key role in the development of several widely used functional neuroimaging techniques, including event-related fMRI, and multimodal integration of MEG/EEG, fMRI and structural imaging data. Dr. Dale led the development of the neuroimaging analysis algorithms that are incorporated in the FreeSurfer software, and, more recently, developed an automated, atlas-based method to identify fiber tracts in individuals’ DTI data. He is a Principal Investigator or a key investigator on numerous NIH grants concerned with the application of multimodal imaging techniques to map brain function and structure in health and disease.