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JoAnn Trejo

Professor, Pharmacology, UC San Diego

Dr. Trejo is the director of research, published more than 70 papers, and has received numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Komen Foundation, UC Tobacco-related Disease Research Program and the American Heart Association (AHA) including the prestigious AHA Established Investigator Award.

The Trejo Lab's research focus is to understand how protease signaling contributes to vascular endothelial cell dysfunction and breast cancer progression. Endothelial dysfunction contributes to many pathological conditions including cardiovascular disease and cancer progression. During vascular inflammation breakdown of the endothelial barrier occurs. We are examining how activation of protease-activated receptors regulates endothelial barrier breakdown (pro-inflammatory signaling) versus cytoprotection (anti-inflammatory signaling) through selective activation of specific signaling pathways by coagulant versus anti-coagulant proteases. The molecular mechanisms by which ubiquitin regulates subcellular compartmentalization of endothelial PAR signaling is also being actively investigated. We are also examining dysregulation of PAR1 signaling in invasive breast cancer and tumor progression. We are specifically investigating the link between the the tumor suppressor ARRDC3 and Hippo-Yap pathway activation in response to GPCR activation.