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Marcos Intaglietta

Professor, Medicine, UC San Diego

Marcos Intaglietta joined UCSD in 1966 as a founding bioengineering faculty member. His pioneering work on artificial blood substitutes with Robert Winslow is now being developed through Sangart, a San Diego based company. He was the Chair of Sangart’s Scientific Advisory Board, and served on the company’s board of directors. Intaglietta received his Ph.D. in applied mechanics from the California Institute of Technology in 1963. He founded the International Institute for Microcirculation, and is an honorary member of the Italian, French, Indian, Argentinian and Mexican societies for microcirculation. Intaglietta received the Senior Scientist Award (1982) from the Humboldt Foundation, Germany, the Malpighi Gold Medal Award from the European Society for Microcirculation (1994), the Whitaker Award (1996), the Landis Award (1999) from the Microcirculation Society, the International Award (2002) from the Biomedical Engineering Society, the MD Degree honoris causa (2002) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany and the Asian Union for Microcirculation Award (2011).