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Miroslav Krstic

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics

Professor Krstic works on nonlinear, adaptive, and infinite dimensional control theory and many applications. He is a co-author of ten books, including the classic Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design (1995), one of the two most cited research monographs in control theory, the graduate textbook Backstepping control of PDEs (2008), the single-authored Delay Compensation for Nonlinear, Adaptive, and PDE Systems (2009), and seven other books on extremum seeking, delay systems, stochastic nonlinear control, and control of turbulent fluid flows. Early in his career he developed controllers for two types of instabilities in jet engines, compressor rotating stall and combustor thermoacoustic oscillations, and then developed controllers for fluid flows arising in application to aerodynamic drag reduction, fusion reactors, control of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in plasmas, control of internal combustion engines, and battery management systems. In addition to reviving the area of extremum seeking for model-free real-time optimization, he launched its application to source seeking for autonomous vehicles in GPS-denied environments. His past activities also include control of blade-vortex interaction on helicopter rotors, control of satellites and underwater vehicles, and control of biological and chemical reactors. 

Miroslav Krstic received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1994. After two years as assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland, he joined UCSD in 1997. Krstic presently holds the Daniel L. Alspach chair in Dynamic Systems and Control and is the founding director of the Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics. Krstic has held the Russell Severance Springer Distinguished Visiting Professorship at UC Berkeley and the Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Professorship. He is a recipient of the PECASE, NSF Career, and ONR Young Investigator Awards, as well as the Axelby and Schuck Paper Prizes, the Chestnut book prize, and the Nyquist Lecture Prize. Krstic was the first recipient of the UCSD Research Award in the area of engineering. He is a Fellow of IEEE, IFAC, SIAM, ASME, and IET. He has held distinguished professorships by the Royal Academy of Engineering, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, and the Springer Professorship at UC Berkeley. He serves as Senior Editor in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and Automatica. He has served as Vice President of the IEEE Control Systems Society.