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Peter Chen

Lecturer, Bioengineering, UC San Diego Project Scientist, Bioengineering, UC San Diego

Dr. Chen is a Project Scientist and Lecturer in the Bioengineering Department. He was the first graduate from the UCSD bioengineering program and continued to receive his Ph.D. degree under Prof. Y.C. Fung. He worked with Prof. Zweifach on microvascular physiology and was the Co-director of the Greater Los Angeles American Heart Association Cardiovascular Research Laboratory prior to joining the biosensor group at UCSD. Dr. Chen's research interests include hemodynamics and the functional aspects of the microcirculation, in-vivo videomicroscopy, microvascular changes in diabetes, hypertension and sickle cell disease in animal and human models, long term effects of implantable biosensors, blood substitutes, effects of mechanical stresses on cells and tissues, cartilage injury evaluation, bioreactor and cartilage tissue engineering, electrospinning and 3D printing, hip and knee joint replacements, and biomedical instrumentation. Dr. Chen received the Malpighi Gold Award for excellence in the production of a motion picture on microcirculation. He was voted Teacher of the Year by bioengineering students and received a Distinguished Teaching Award from UCSD.