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Pieter Dorrestein

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy, UC San Diego Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego

The most complex problems in biology can only be solved using a multidisciplinary approach. In general, the laboratory is interested in the elucidation of the functional roles of genes that currently do not have a functional role. The labs focus will be on the biosynthesis and functional roles of post-translational modifications that may be involved in antibiotic resistance. In addition, the lab is interested in elucidating biosynthetic aspects of natural products that are biosynthesized via the polyketide or non-ribosomal peptide paradigm that have therapeutic value. In doing so, we will connect microbial genomics with proteomics to discover new therapeutic agents. To accomplish these studies, the laboratory has one of the most advanced mass spectrometers available on the UCSD campus.