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Pradipta Ghosh

Dr Ghosh is a physician-scientist with dual training in internal medicine and basic science. She has a broad knowledge of disease pathophysiology and broad training and background in cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and enzymology, computation modeling and systems biology that uniquely qualifies her in carrying out the proposed work. She received her MD from Christian Medical College & Hospital, and has been at UC San Diego since 2003.

Dr. Ghosh's group has systematically pursued the biological implications of the intracellular trimeric-GTPase system. They were one of the original discoverers of this signaling system beginning with the discovery of GIV-GEM. As a physician-scientist, she relentlessly pursued why and how aberrations in the GEM system spur diseases such as cancer progression, fibrosis, and insulin resistance, and provided impetus to develop drugs targeting the GEMs in disease states.

Dr. Ghosh’s laboratory has experience and expertise in most cell biological and translational approaches, including live cell imaging, designing and working with FRET probes, protein purification and analysis, protein-protein interaction assays, biochemical and pharmacological assays and in the use of animal models. Dr. Ghosh has had a successful training record at UCSD, mentoring several undergraduate, predoctoral students, and postdoctoral associates.