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Truong Nguyen

Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC San Diego

My research laboratory focuses on the robust design, accurate analysis and efficient implementation of image  and video processing algorithms with applications in biomedical devices, 3D surgical system, consumer  electronics and mobile video. In the area of biomedical devices, we developed efficient processing algorithms  to enhance the video quality as well as resolution of fluidic lens camera system. In the area of retina image  processing, we developed deep-learning registration platform for multimodal retina images. In the area of 3D  surgical system, we designed view synthesis algorithms to enable 3D viewing on multiview autostereoscopic  display, using the stereo image pairs. This capability enables the surgeons and others in the operation room  to view 3D without using glasses. For consumer electronics area, we analyzed the effect of various frame  rate conversion techniques on consumer-graded LCD as well as developing efficient 3D video coding and  processing algorithms. We also investigated deep learning algorithms for image and video enhancement and  processing. In mobile video area, our laboratory investigates the application of saliency in robust mobile video  delivery in wireless communication. My Google H-index is 66 with over 27K citations, Google Scholar.

I have maintained a research team of 7-10 Ph.D. students and visiting scholars of diverse background in  computer vision, signal and image processing, medicine and applied mathematics. We perform multidisciplinary  research collaborations with faculty members from the School of Medicine, Department of Psychology and  CalIT2. In this project, we plan to apply our expertise in image processing and machine learning/data science  to help in developing a matrix of retinal structure and function across many instruments and platforms. The  preliminary results in collaboration with Dr. Freeman’s research group at the UCSD Jacobs Retina Center show  promising results.