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William Freeman

Director, Jacobs Retina Center, UC San Diego Distinguished Professor, Ophthalmology, UC San Diego Vice Chair, Ophthalmology, UC San Diego

William R. Freeman, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed scientific researcher and Director of the Jacobs Retina Research Center, adjoining the UCSD Shiley Eye Center. The clinical research center at the Jacobs Center enables patients to benefit from the latest advances in diagnostic equipment and therapies. Ongoing clinical trials include: Multicentered Uveitis Steroid trial, Regeneron VEGF Trap for DME, Regeneron VEGF Trap for BRVO, Allergan Brimonidine Implant for macular recovery post RD, Ophthotech Fovista as new treatment for Wet AMD, GSK BAM for geographic atrophy form of Dry AMD, and Characterization of AIDS Associated Retinopathy in the HAART Era. Researchers working in the Center’s laboratories will focus on advancing promising therapies for macular degeneration, tumors, inherited retinal disease, retinal detachment, macular holes, and other important retinal diseases.

Dr. Freeman has had a longstanding interest in ocular toxicology, pharmacology and morphology and clinical research and has been funded by his own RO1 NIH grants and other federal funds for over 20 years in the area of retinal pathological structural analysis. He has published over 500 peer-reviewed papers and has held between one and two RO-1 grants at a given time. He works closely with scientists at the Jacobs Retina Center whose funded projects include retinal genetics, retina prosthesis, drug delivery and imaging providing an outstanding training environment for clinician scientists, as well as with Drs. Cheng and Silva on analysis of retinal structures and experimental surgical approaches to retinal diseases. He has been an investigator on several multi-centered randomized pharmaceutical trials of drugs for retinal disease. Dr. Freeman is currently PI on two RO1 grants in the field of retinal disease. He has worked in animal models of retinal diseases and is intimately familiar with surgical approaches to implantation of ocular devices. Dr. Freeman is committed to conducting and overseeing this research, designing experiments and participant in analysis of data.