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The Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine Inclusion Initiative aims to provide mentoring and career development to improve diversity and inclusion in the Institute of Engineering in Medicine. GEMINI provides mentoring and support for increased access and success of early-career researchers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. 

Besides supporting early-career faculty, GEMINI also aims to increase outreach to the San Diego community at large. GEMINI encourages undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers to participate in outreach activities at K-12 schools in San Diego. By exposing younger students to bioengineering and its numerous medical applications, GEMINI aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the bioengineering field. 

GEMINI has been met with great success at the Institute of Engineering in Medicine, where many new bioengineering faculty have been supported through the program. IEM is currently working with the dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering in order to create a similar program for all engineering faculty. 

GEMINI offers two major programs, the GEMINI Fellowship Program and the GEMINI Faculty Mentor Award. The GEMINI Fellowship is intended to increase diversity and inclusion in research at the interfaces of engineering and health sciences. The GEMINI Faculty Mentor Award is intended to recognize, encourage, and support individuals who demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in research training at the interfaces of engineering and biomedical sciences. 



2023 - 2024


  Ph.D. Student, Nicole E. Félix Vélez

  2023-24 GEMINI Diversity Fellowship Awardee


  Professor, Ph.D., Brian Aguado

  2023-24 GEMINI Faculty Mentor Awardee



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2022 - 2023


  Ph.D. Student, Maya Rowell

  2022-23 GEMINI Diversity Fellowship Awardee


  Professor, Ph.D., Daniela Valdez-Jasso

  2022-23 GEMINI Faculty Mentor Awardee




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