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IEM Laboratories


Our research labs work to develop novel methods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of important diseases and injuries, such as cancer and cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, ophthalmological, and orthopedic diseases.



Berns Lab (Cellular Biophotonics Lab)

Project Scientist: Dr. Linda Shi, Co-Director of the Biophotonics Technology Center (BTC) & Program Director of IEM OPALS

Research Focus: Studying the interaction of photons with cells and their organelles, enabling the examination of cell structure and function at the nanoscale and below


Chien Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shu Chien, Founding Director of the Institute of Engineering in Medicine & Professor Emeritus of Shu Chien-Gene Lay Department of Bioengineering at UC San Diego

Research Focus:  Studying the role of mechanical forces in regulating the molecular, genetic, and epigenetic mechanisms in vascular endothelial cells in health and disease, such as atherosclerosis


McCulloch Lab (Cardiac Mechanics Research Group)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrew McCulloch, Director of the Institute of Engineering in Medicine & Professor of Bioengineering at UC San Diego

Research Focus: Mechanics and electrical dynamics of the normal and diseased heart from molecular to organ scales