The institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM) at UC San Diego was formed in 2008 to unite outstanding faculty in engineering, medicine, pharmacy and other units interdisciplinary professionals strive to expedite new discoveries, promote research, and foster industrial partnerships to advance our understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, ophthalmological, and orthopedic injuries and diseases.

If you are ready to make a difference and impact the future of health care, consider a gift to the Institute of Engineering in Medicine at UC San Diego.

Giving Priorities

IEM Seed Fund

$5 million


Gifts to the IEM Seed Fund will provide the critical, time-sensitive funding needed to jump-start the programs across disease pipelines. Gifts to the fund will accelerate the strategic activities planned within each of the IEM Centers including innovations in research and design that will lead to novel discovery and translations.

IEM Excellence and Innovation Fund



Gifts to this current-use discretionary fund will provide the Director with the flexibility to seize important opportunities as they arise and will facilitate development and implementation of new approaches that serve the IEM’s mission.

Lecture Series, Symposia, Seminar and Workshop Presentations

Distinguished Lectures (2 per year)


Symposia, Seminars and Workshops (6 per year)



Gifts to create two distinguished lecture series each year as well as gifts to fund various symposia, seminars and workshops throughout the academic year will allow the IEM to bring in leading scientists, professionals and other leaders to speak on topics that will enhance the educational offerings of the IEM and inspire UC San Diego students. These lectures and offerings will also help further the educational outreach efforts of the IEM and will provide valuable inspiration to UC San Diego faculty and staff members as well as members of our alumni and local communities.

Graduate Student Fellowship Support

Post-doctoral Fellowships (8 at $75,000 each)


MD/PhD Fellowships (8 at $75,000 each)



Gifts to establish graduate fellowships address one of the greatest needs of the IEM and will ensure that outstanding faculty working in the IEM will attract and retain top graduate student talent.

Translation and Acceleration of Inventions

$400,000 / yearly


Gifts via the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement will provide awards to innovative projects selected by external review panels of up to $100,000/yr of Proof of Concept and mentoring on technology commercialization. Four projects will be selected every year of $4000,000 per year for five years. The awards include extensive business mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs, funding for graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to conduct pivotal experiments to demonstrate technology feasibility that address patient needs and educational workshops.

Future Giving Opportunities

Endowed Directorship

$3 million


A gift to establish the endowed directorship will be used to offset the salary and related expenses of the Director of the IEM. This endowment fund will play a critical role in the retention and future recruitment efforts of the Director position and will ensure top academic talent will continue to hold this leadership position.

Endowed Chairs

$10 million


A gift of $10 million will allow us to establish 10 endowed chairs (at a million each) and will be key to the recruiting efforts by the Director of the IEM. An endowed chair will serve to recruit outstanding scientists to join UC San Diego who will work in the IEM Centers. Each new endowed chair will introduce innovative approaches to the IEM Centers and each will assume leadership roles at UC San Diego in research and translation. These endowed chairs may also be used to retain leading faculty in the IEM Centers.

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For more information contact:
Philip Godfrey, MSO, Institute of Engineering in Medicine (, 858-822-4278)