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IEM Boards and Committees


Learn more about the Institute's Advisory Boards and Executive Committees.

Advisory Board

IEM Advisory Board

Members in the individual Centers meet frequently to discuss progress and planning. In addition, the IEM holds town hall meetings of its members. Directors of the IEM Centers meet periodically to exchange information and to foster collaborations among the Centers.

The IEM holds annual meetings of its Advisory Committee composed of extramural leaders in industry and private sector and intramural faculty and administrative leaders to report its progress and receive advice for improving its activities.  IEM Advisory Board provides advice on direction and strategy, research needs, and advice on funding.



Name Title Company
Peter Farrell Chairman & CEO

ResMed Inc.

Michael Hosteler Attorney at Law

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Irwin Jacobs Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Emeritus


Gene Lay President and CEO


Joe Panetta President and CEO


Anthony Ratcliffe  President and CEO Synthasome, Inc
Drew Senyei Managing Director Enterprise Partners Venture Capital
Jay Srirangam Technical Development Team Leader



Name Position Department Email
Cheryl Anderson Dean / Professor Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science
David Brenner President / CEO Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Wendy Campana  Professor  Medicine 
Bryan Clary Professor / Chair Surgery
Wolfgang Dillmann Professor Emeritus / Former Chair Medicine
Jack Dixon Dean / Dist. Prof.  Scientific Affairs, School of Medicine
Gary Firestein Sr. Assoc. Vice Chancellor / Director / Dist. Prof.
Lawrence Goldstein Distinguished Professor CMM
Ralph Greenspan Director / Professor Kavli Institute Biological Sciences
Gabriel Haddad Professor / Chair Pediatrics
Miroslav Krstic Sr. Assoc. Vice Chancellor / Director Research Affairs / Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Scott Lippman Professor Moores Cancer Center, Medicine 
James Mckerrow Dean Sch Pharm/Pharm Sci
Albert Pisano Dean Jacobs School of Engineering
Ramesh Rao Director Calit2
Paul Roben Assoc. Vice Chancellor Innovation & Commercialization
Geert Schmid-Schonbien Professor / Chair Bioengineering
Palmer Taylor Founding and Emeritus Dean School of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science
Susan Taylor Professor Pharmacology
Robert Weinreb Chairman / Professor Ophthalmology

Center Directors

Name Position Department Email
Andrew Barleben Assistant Clinical Professor Surgery 
Krishnan V. Chakravarthy Assistant Clinical Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine 
Shaochen Chen Professor Nanoengineering 
Sylvia Evans Professor Pharmacy 
James Friend Professor  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
Tzyy-Ping Jung Co-Director / Adjunct Professor Institute for Neural ComputationBioengineering 
Louise Laurent Professor 
Elliott McVeigh  Professor  Bioengineering 
William Mobley Associate Dean of Neuro Initiatives Neuroscience 
Victor Nizet Distinguished Professor PediatricsPharmacy 
Alexander Norbash Chair / Professor  Radiology 
Padmini Rangamani Professor  CHPR, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
Robert Ross Assistant Vice Chancellor / Professor Health Sciences, Medicine 
Robert Sah Professor Bioengineering 
Maike Sander Director / Professor Pediatric Diabetes Research Center, Pediatrics  
Linda Shi Project Scientist/ Co-Director BTC
Nicole Steinmetz Professor  Jacobs School of Engineering, Nanoengineering 
Frank Talke  Chair / Professor  CMRR, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
Joseph Wang Chair / Distinguished Prof. Jacobs School of Engineering, Nanoengineering  
Sam Ward  Vice Chairman CHPR, Orthopaedic Surgery 
John Watson Professor Bioengineering 
Rebekah White Professor Surgery 
Chengbiao Wu  Associate Adjunct Professor BTC, Neuroscience 
Liangfang Zhang Professor NanoengineeringBioengineering  

IEM Director & Associated Directors

Name IEM Affiliation Position Department Email
Andrew McCulloch IEM Director Professor Bioengineering
Karen Christman Associate Director for Translational Research and Inclusion Professor Bioengineering
Colin Depp Associate Director for Education and Outreach Professor IR Psychiatry
Deborah Spector Associate Director for 
Research and Innovation 
Professor  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science


Name Position Department Email
Zachary Smith  Executive Director of Development Jacobs School of Engineering 
Sean Burns  Director of Development Jacobs School of Engineering
Miwako Waga Director of International Outreach VC-Research
Philip Godfrey Management Services Officer IEM
Justina Houston Administrative Assistant IEM
Kinnary Doshi Fund Manager IEM
Jiyeon Song  Communications & Office Assistant IEM
Kristiana Wong Social Media & Marketing Assistant IEM

WCBE Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

WCBE Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

UC San Diego Bioengineering Jacobs School of EngineeringWCBE

The mission of WCBE is to foster and enhance interactions of IEM and the Bioengineering Department with Industry. The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides valuable advice and leadership in improving industry liaison and student education and training.  Provide a conduit for student-employer relationships and enhance student professional development WCBE organizes student industrial internships, Breakfast with Industry, Chutes and Ladders for networking with industry, and Bioengineering Day. WCBE works on undergraduate design projects and the Masters of Advanced Studies-Medical Device Engineering program. It organizes student participation at U.S. and San Diego Science and Engineering Festivals and runs the Shared Cell Engineering Research Core.

Name Position Company
Julio Baez Industry Advisor UCSD - Bioengineering
Robert Balderas Vice President / Biological Sciences BD Biosciences
Walt Baxter Distinguished Scientist Medtronic - Cardiac Rhythm Management
Frederick Cahn CEO BioMedical Strategies
Greg Williams Director, Biologics and Advanced Materials Science R&D NuVasive, Inc.
Jason Haider Founder and CEO Xenco Medical
Jason Halsey VP, Manufacturing Technology and Transfer Illumina
Chris MacDonald Vice President, Operations & Data Science ChromaCode, Inc.
Harish Nagarajan Senior R&D Manager, Systems Biology & Bioinformatics Genomatica
Lou Obertreis Product Manufacturing Engineer Independent
Anthony Ratcliffe President and CEO Synthasome, Inc.
Elaine Ye Project Research Analyst Device of Tomorrow Capital
Ajay Panwar Sr. Engineering Manager, Quality Medtronic – Diabetes
Ali Ismailoglu Marketing Director Alphatec Spine, Inc.
Gabrielle Colvert Senior Research and Development Engineer Medtronic - Structural Heart