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Center for Cardiovascular Biomedical Imaging (CCBI)



  • Elliot McVeigh, Ph.D., Professor of Shu Chien-Gene Lay Department of Bioengineering

The Center for Cardiovascular Biomedical Imaging (CCBI) comprises teams of engineers, physicians, graduate students and clinical fellows to bring new imaging technologies into clinical use.

The mission of the CCBI is to develop and apply state-of-the-art imaging methods for in vivo research, biomarker discovery, medical practice, and personalized and precision medicine for cardiovascular disease. CCBI brings together the imaging expertise of investigators at UCSD pursuing more accurate diagnosis, prognosis and cures for heart disease.   The CCBI was established in 2016 and is undergoing growth and development.

The vision of the group is to revolutionize how imaging is used to personalize cardiovascular care across the complete spectrum of patients: from the asymptomatic 50 year old in whom coronary lesions are found on screening with low dose CT, to the 85 year old post-MI diabetic patient who is being considered for an LVAD.  Imaging can impact the accuracy and precision of diagnosis and treatment in all cardiovascular patients – the current imaging technologies fall well short of what can be done for these patients.


CCBI Members 

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